Every month Construction Europe magazine conducts a business confidence survey called the CE Barometer. The survey is a powerful way of tracking business sentiment and trends in Europe’s construction industry.

Below, you can view the archive of surveys for the past 10 years, including the most recent results.

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CE Finance
CE Barometer results for October 2021
2021 bows out with a slight dip in business confidence
CE Barometer results for September 2021
Healthy current climate, but growing concerns over continued recovery
CE Barometer results for August 2021
Welcome signs of new confidence follow recent recovery wobbles
CE Barometer results for June 2021
Confidence wobbles a little, following lower levels of business in the month of June
Finance: Recovery stutters for contractors
Growth slows across the CE construction indexes, as businesses await rise in infrastructure spending
Finance: 26 March - 30 April, 2021
Equipment sales see a slight drop, but contractors remain relatively buoyant as we enter Q2
CE Barometer: positive construction outlook in April survey
Positive outlook remains, but hopes of a ‘quick fix’ appear to be waning
Finance: 26 Feb - 26 March 2021
March saw a slowing of growth across the CE indexes, but generally positive movement, nonetheless
CE Barometer results for March 2021
A slight levelling off of Europe’s recovery predicted by latest survey responses
CE Barometer results for February
Numbers tell story of a strong and consistent sense of improving business confidence
CE Barometer survey for February closing soon
Add your voice to the barometer and help the construction industry plan for the challenges of 2021
CE Barometer - January 2021: Confidence slowly returning
Positive response to latest survey, as Covid-19 vaccines bring hope to European businesses
Finance and CE Barometer September 2020
As equipment manufacturers and material producers experienced growth, listed contractors felt the brunt of virus
CE Finance July 2020: Long road ahead
After May reflected a potential return to normality, ‘second wave’ speculation is strong as shares fall during July
CE Barometer and Finance April 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has created huge disruption for companies in the construction sector
CE Finance 2020: Weeks one to six
With 2019’s fourth quarter experiencing reduced activity, CE examines share prices for early 2020
Financial review of 2019
2019 financial round-up; all three major categories in construction saw index growth above 20%
CE Barometer and Finance November 2019
Companies are generally seeing a solid end to 2019, but barometer warns of recession
CE Barometer and finance: October 2019
Larger companies maintain position of growth, while smaller businesses appear to tread water
CE Barometer and finance September 2019
Stock prices inflated through investment banking make the difference this month
CE Barometer and finance August 2019
The markets have been up and down of late, but with the holiday period drawing to a close, businesses will hope work picks up
CE Barometer July 2019
The latest Construction Europe Barometer Survey providing the Industry’s opinion on the market
CE Barometer and finance June 2019
After share prices roundly fell last month, a shrewd investor could have seen a good return, with share prices now creeping back up
Confidence rising
October provides further hope of improved construction activity over next 12 months
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Construction Europe’s monthly barometer survey only takes one minute to complete
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Construction Europe’s monthly barometer survey only takes one minute to complete
Healthy present, positive future
Balance figure of +22.1% of survey respondents say activity levels in June were higher than May
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Construction Europe’s monthly barometer survey only takes one minute to complete
Positivity continues
Balance figure of +35.4% of survey respondents said activity levels in April were higher than in March
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