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Summertime blues
The mid-summer period was a quiet one for the markets, ahead of half-year results. The lack of clear direction was reflected in the construction sector with a climb for equipment shares but falls elsewhere. Chris Sleight reports.
Arbitration in Austria
Austria's arbitration procedures were updated last year to fall into line with the UNCITRAL model. Thomas Frad and Otto Dietrich of KWR review the changes and their implications for construction.
Urban commitment
FIEC has given its support to the Leipzig Charter on 'Sustainable European Cities', which was adopted by the EU in May. The construction sector has a massive part to play in sustainable development, and FIEC welcomes this more coordinated approach to the issues.
Fuel revolution
The requirements of the 2011 Stage IIIB engine emissions laws mean construction equipment will have to start using ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel. The Commission has proposed that this fuel will be available at the end 2009, and CECE would like to see the directive governing this come into force as soon as possible.
Network investment
Technological innovation in road construction equipment is helping to improve machinery performance and ease labour-intensive operations. Becca Wilkins reports on the latest from the European road-building sector and rounds up the most recent equipment developments.
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