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Cartel turnover ‘one fifth of Latvia’s building sector’
Competition Council of Latvia to punish construction firms conspiring to limit competition for profit
Significance of a robust commercial and contractual process
Exploring and managing post-pandemic supply chain contract clauses
UK police launch new equipment theft task force
Specialist Agricultural and Construction Equipment police unit will support the CEA’s CESAR scheme
JCB and Manitou patent dispute continues
JCB said it will appeal the latest ruling of Paris court, although it also won damages of €150,000
Law and contract: Force majeure in a time of crisis
Force majeure – a potential ally for contractors in light of the coronavirus outbreak
Nord Stream 2 warns of 'discriminatory' EU regs
Firm behind Russia-Germany gas pipeline demands response from EC president over proposed directive
JCB wins patent case against Manitou
JCB said a French court has granted it a preliminary injunction against Manitou. Manitou said it is appealing the ruling
Lemminkäinen considers court ruling
Helsinki Court of Appeal orders Finnish contractor to pay €3.4 million in change to District Court verdict
Cat HQ raided by US authorities
Investigators seize documents from three Caterpillar offices over possible tax fraud
Lemminkäinen settles with State of Finland
Finnish contractor and State settle dispute concerning damages related to decisions in asphalt cartel case
Lemminkäinen looks to appeal
Finnish contractor in cartel case wants to appeal some of Helsinki Court of Appeal’s decisions last October
Lemminkäinen claims €20 million
Finnish contractor names amount it feels it is entitled to as a result of Court of Appeal of Helsinki decision on asphalt cartel
Damages reduced in Lemminkäinen cartel case
Helsinki Court of Appeal’s asphalt cartel ruling leads to Finnish contractor receiving reimbursement of approximately €14 million
Anger over rebar anti-dumping duties
Industry body unhappy as EU sets anti-dumping duties on Chinese imports of rebar between 9.2 and 13%
EU orders registration of imported steel from China
Commission launched anti-dumping investigation into imports of high-fatigue performance rebar from China last April
NCC to pay following Norwegian court ruling
Swedish contractor to find €9 million extra after Supreme Court rules appeal inadmissible over illicit asphalt collaboration between 2005 and 2008
Uncertainty clouds Fehmarnbelt project
Final decision on future of cross-border Fehmarnbelt tunnel construction project due in December
Companies admit breaches of confidence
Individual payments of up to £250,000 could be made after blacklisted construction workers seek justice
Saipem to be investigated in Petrobras affair
Oil and gas contractor receives notice that it will be investigated in connection with Brazilian corruption scandal
Cement antitrust case ‘not conclusive’
European Commission closes antitrust investigation against European cement manufacturers including Cemex, Holcim and HeidelbergCement
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