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Snamprogetti offices in Milan searched
The Snamprogetti offices in Milan, Italy, were searched by authorities last Friday over on-going investigations into the bribery of Nigerian officials by the TSKJ consortium between 1994 and 2004.
Three Volvo executives charged with bribery
Three un-named executives at Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) have been charged with paying bribes to Saddam Hussein's government in a bid to overcome restrictions on trade under the United Nations' Oil-for-Food Programme.
Police investigate Czech corruption
Czech Republic police are investigating alleged corruption in the awarding of 30 contracts by the country's Defence Ministry, according to the Czech News Agency (CTK).
German airport expansion approved
The European Commission has given approval for German authorities to give financial support for the development of two airports.
New green and international focuses for TEN-T
The European Commission has proposed a greater emphasis on combating climate change and better links with the EU's neighbours in a new TEN-T policy document.
Associated concern over CPR
A group of Europe's construction industry associations has voiced concern at the content of the European Commission's Construction Products Regulation (CPR), proposed to replace the existing Construction Products Directive (CPD).
Komatsu participates in UN's Global Compact
Komatsu has announced its participation in the United Nations' Global Compact, a voluntary corporate citizenship initiative comprising 10 Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
CECE calls on Commission to help save manufacturing jobs
Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) president Dr Tim Leverton has called on the European Commission to help save manufacturing jobs in Europe.
Companies short-listed for Galileo project
The European Commission and European Space Agency (ESA) have selected 11 companies from 21 applicants as potential partners in the Galileo satellite navigation project. The ESA will handle the next stage of the procurement process to find a single private-sector supplier for each of the six predefined working areas.
Medvedev proposes ‘innovation’ to tackle Russian labour shortage
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that in order to counter the Russian labour deficit, the country needs to be innovative in its measures to boost both the efficiency and productivity of its existing workforce. Talking to business leaders, President Medvedev said, “The problem of the labour famine can only be solved by the government and business working together.”
The future of reduced VAT in Europe
The Commission is now in favour of permanently allowing reduced rates of VAT for private repair and maintenance work. FIEC is now focussing its efforts on Member States to ensure those opposed to reduced VAT do not de-rail the legislation.
EIC takes stand on corruption
European International Contractors (EIC), a trade association that represents European contractors working outside their national boundaries, has published a draft position paper on corruption prevention.
Record educational order
The Polish Ministry of Education has agreed to buy more than 860 surveying instruments from Topcon. The order, comprising 430 total stations and 430 optical levels is thought to be a world record.
REACH impact
The new REACH legislation on chemicals will mean construction companies and workers are given more information about the risks associated with materials they deal with. FIEC is involved in initiatives to ensure this is done effectively, and that information can travel up and down the supply chain.
Opt-out to hit construction
The European Parliament's plans to amend the Working Time Directive include removing the 48 hour working week opt-out clause. Supporters claim that the changes would improve health and safety, as well as enhance work-life balance, but the construction industry claims that it will have serious implications for the sector. Claire Symes reports.
112 named in UK bid rigging probe
The UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has alleged that 112 construction companies in the UK have engaged in bid rigging. The allegations, in the form of a Statement of Objections, follow one of the largest ever investigations under the UK's Competition Act.
Non-compliance illustrated
Despite their illegality and failure to conform to EU laws, non-compliant construction machines are still being sold and used in Europe. To help contractors avoid buying such equipment, CECE presents a brief guide to the main danger signs.
Lead Market Initiative
The development of sustainable construction practices is one of six key areas singled-out by the Commission's Lead Market Initiative. FIEC believes this could lead to better regulation, more standardisation and greater efficiency in the industry.
Bribery scandal in Bulgarian roads
A bribery scandal involving two civil servants is threatening to bring major road construction projects to a halt in Bulgaria. The European Commission has asked for funds to be frozen pending investigations. Chris Sleight reports.
Bribes freeze Bulgarian roads
A bribery scandal involving two civil servants is threatening to bring major road construction projects to a halt in Bulgaria. The European Commission has asked for funds to be frozen pending investigations.
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